Services for regions

BIO2REG offers a range of support services to participating regions to facilitate bioeconomy capacity building and knowledge dissemination in different European regions. It targets regional stakeholders throughout Europe, both within the consortium and externally.

A key success factor for BIO2REG’s impactful capacity building in different regions is the consideration of structural and contextual regional specifics and their regional stakeholders. Regions’ potential to transform into a model region for bioeconomy depends on characteristics such as their economic structure, quantity and quality of biological resources (plants, animals, microorganisms and derived biomass, including organic waste production), agricultural and industrial structure, region-specific requirements for the protection of natural resources including their ecosystem services, and stakeholder types. Furthermore, regional framework conditions differ vastly with regards to political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors. These region-specific factors are considered in the following BIO2REG services: